Twin Valley City Council Minutes

Here are the City Council minutes as presented and approved. The Minutes are not considered "official" until they have been reviewed and approved by the City Council.  

Minutes will not be posted until the City Council has officially approved them. 


Council Minutes are available online for the current year, as well as the previous two years for your convenience.  Should you wish to review any older minutes please contact City Hall to make your request.

2021 Council Minutes Full year - Permanent Record
2022 Council Minutes Full Year, Permanent Record
January Minutes, 2023 Official Minutes of the Twin Valley City Council
February Council Minutes Approved Council Minutes 02/13/23
03/13/2023 Council Minutes Approved Council Minutes 03/13/2023
City Council Minutes - April 2023 04/10/2023 Council Meeting Minutes, Approved.
August 2023 City Council Minutes Approved 09/11/2023