EDA & Parks Committee

The Twin Valley Economic Development Authority & Parks is a subcommittee under the Twin Valley City Council comprised of five (5) members.  Three members of the community and two (2) members appointed from the Twin Valley City Council.


This committee works to make improvements to the City of Twin Valley, including working with businesses, parks, and other recreation. 

Members are:  

  • Mark Askelson, Chair
  • Paul Bekkerus
  • Tracy Christianson
  • Kendell Harrell
  • Tammy Carlsrud


Meeting: Second Monday of the Month @ 6:00 PM unless otherwise posted at City Hall.


Currently the Committee is working towards the completion of the Twin Valley Splash Park (Located in the South Western Corner of Herold's Court).  As well brain storming ideas for improvements to Heiberg Park, and supporting local businesses and new businesses on the horizon as they are able.


The Twin Valley Economic Development Authority has money to help new businesses!  Contact any member of the EDA or the City of Twin Valley with questions.  More information is also available under the Incentives tab on the main menu.



EDA Revolving Loan Fund Program Guidelines
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